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Through psychotherapy for sex and substance addiction, you can learn to live a life of fulfilling your dreams. Counseling for couples can help address issues with betrayal, affairs, intimacy and sex within the relationship. Experience the freedom of connecting on an intimate level with your partner. EMDR and trauma healing therapy can help end the troubles, guilt and shame of the past. Inner child work will teach you how to re-parent your wounded inner child and how to effectively communicate and express your needs as an adult. Receive compassionate, empathetic and healing therapy for struggles with life stages adjustments and grief. Death of a loved one, divorce or any form of loss can cause grieving that may require therapy to work through. Family dynamics recovery can help regain confidence and trust in loved ones and establish good communication with adolescents.


Confidential and HIPAA compliant platforms are offered for online Telehealth.


There is a way to navigate through these difficult times and it starts by taking charge of your life and seeking the help you deserve. This is your life, your space and your choice; make it all it can be.

Mental Health Counseling in Miami

Welcome to Oneness Therapeutic Center, located in beautiful Miami. Together we can change the behaviors, emotions and thoughts that are setting you back in life.

United, Optum, Avmed, Aetna & Cigna

Oneness Therapeutic Center accepts United, Aetna and Cigna. Out of network insurances are also accepted BCBS & Tricare

Bridge into the Woods

Sliding scale is available to those that qualify

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our sliding scale that is offered to reduce the cost of therapy.