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Day 1

  1. Arrival and pick up from Iquitos airport.

  2. Sightseeing of the City while being transported to dock for boat travel.

  3. greeted by one of our staff or myself for start of river journey. You are now in the Amazon river and it's adjacent rivers. We will be scanning for seeing some Pink or Black Dolphins, Native to the Amazonia.

  4. First stop, Animal Rescue Center "Fundo Javier". Unsure which animals you will encounter, animals are rescued and brought to health then released.  You will definitely have an opportunity to hold the Majestic and Transformative Anaconda.  Sloth, Monkeys, Tucans, Jaguars, are some of the standing animals we have in this animal sanctuary.  

  5. By boat we move to visit one of the area 34 Amazonian Tribes. You will experience Tribal traditions and dance. Get to purchase souvenirs and share chocolates with them. Have your cameras ready, Tribes are very welcoming and allow for plenty of pictures. 

  6. Travel through River of Life to arrive at the Lodge. The Jungle is alive and you are part of this enchanting Rainforest.

  7. Welcome Reception & Ceremony: We go over schedule and learn about your stay at the Lodge. 

  8. Regional gourmet lunch or Dieta. 

  9. Workshop: Get to know one another and build family for lifelong connections. Clarity on Intent. Why are you here? What are your limiting beliefs? What did you have to overcome to make it to the Jungle? Life will present challenges, what are you willing to overcome?

  10. Breathwork Emotional Detox 1- releasing & surrender limiting beliefs, fears, & anxiety. Liberation for 5 days of  total new mind-blowing experiences. Healing and connection of Mind, Body, & Soul. 

  11. Free time to relax, pool, walk around premises, meet the our pets, or lay on the hammock to start taking all this Magical Garden in. 

  12. Regional gourmet dinner.

  13. Stargazing & Moon Excursion; deepening and embodying the night. opening to the darker side. Fine tune your senses for inner-intuition. We might encounter Crocodiles, or other nocturnal animals. Imagine the skies without obstacles? Luminous, bright, open!


Day 2

  1. Sunrise on the River. Experience the awakening of the Jungle. Gratitude for Life. Receive the Abundance & Mystery of the largest ecosystem of our Planet.

  2. Energetic & Detoxing Breakfast. Flavor our lodge grounds grown fruits and  freshly pressed juices

  3. Canopy Walk & Ziplining. View the Amazon Rainforest from Above. Conquer fears, courage from within, and team building activity. 

  4. Free time (pool, hammock, play time, or just relax). Contemplation and Journaling highly encouraged.

  5. Regional Dieta Detox or gourmet lunch.

  6. Workshop: Transformative Breathwork & Cleansing the Body Meditation. Appreciate and Heal our the Body. Our Vessel on this Life Incarnation.

  7. Sunset View from Tower. Take in the Splendor of Our Planet. Binoculars provided. 

  8. Campfire night Releasing Fire Ceremony & Drumming Circle.

  9. Regional Dieta Detox or gourmet dinner.

  10.  Ayahuasca option: 1st Journey with Shamans & Facilitators. 


Day 3

  1. Energetic or Detox breakfast.

  2. Visit to the insectarium to learn about different insect and bug species. Tactile and Visual Senses awaken. Kampo frog, Tarantula, Largest Ants of our planet, some of the few insects you will encounter. 

  3. Regional gourmet lunch or Dieta.

  4. Embodying your body and switch physical perception of the self. Physical appreciation & gratitude for your lifelong vessel, your Body.

  5. Amazon Cleansing and Rejuvenation Celebration: Mud bath, Play & Swim in the Amazon River beach. Cleansing Ceremony. 

  6. Abundance & Love bath prepared by Initiated Shaman. Embodying Oshun. Completed by Purification and blooming bath to restore body & energetic fields.

  7. Canoe and raft rides in the Momon River.

  8. Regional gourmet dinner or Dieta.

  9. Free time. Optional watch sunset or pool time. Relax and Sip a drink.

  10. Ayahuasca Option. 2nd Journey with Shaman and Facilitator.


Day 4


  1. Energetic breakfast or Dieta.

  2. Lecture trekking through the Amazon Jungle. Guide will teach on the healing medicinal properties of the Amazon Rainforest plants, fruits, trees, flowers. Meet Grandmother of all Plants, Ayahuasca. 

  3. Visit local Porvenir Tribe for Gifting of Rice to Community. Experience the magic of sharing and giving. 

  4. Regional gourmet lunch Dieta.

  5. Free time.

  6. Tantra & Chakra Workshop. Breathwork and Sensorial Seduction Exploration.​

  7. Dieta Detox or Regional Gourmet dinner.

  8. Explore your inner-Artist: Canvas Scenery painting using natural colors from Amazonian plants, created and gifted from Local Tribes.

  9. Ayahuasca Option: 3nd Journey with Shaman and Facilitator. 

Day 5

  1.. Energetic breakfast or Dieta.

  2.  Boat ride to our private Amazon lagoon for Piranha fishing. Experience Patience, Tolerance & Silence.

  3. Regional gourmet lunch or Dieta. 

  4. Dream Planting Ceremony. Envision of your future

  5.Closing Ceremony of Ayahuasca Soul Essence.

      EcoRetreat Ceremony. Cheers to new beginnings.

  6. Boat ride & Transportation to Airport for departure.



  • Angel card reading with Shaman or Channeling. fee: $95 for 45 minutes

  • Energetic Massage Therapy $60 for 30 minutes

  • Soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.


  • Reservations at bookings page: $1511 All Inclusive

  • Ayahuasca All inclusive $2150- included:

  • add on: Angel card reading or Channeling by Shaman. Will help you understand what angels and messengers are in your life.

  • All Excursions.

  • Shaman

  • Workshops, and Integrations.

  • Transportation to and from airport as well as ecolodge.

  • Shared  (double) cabin with fan, private bathroom and towel service. Solo cabin available. 

  • Pools and hammocks.

  • Food: Dieta Gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner at the ecolodge dining area.

  • Water, coffee and tea.

  • Transportation during excursions.

  • Boots for excursions


Not Included

  • Health insurance/ travel insurance.

  • Beverages such as sodas and alcohol.

  • Flight tickets/ ticket exchanges/ airline charges and taxes.

  • Tips for staff at airport and ecolodge. (chefs, waiters, cleaning crew, guides, etc.

Donations & Cash

  • It is recommended to bring clothes, shoes, toys, bookbags and medicines to give away as donations to the communities.

  • Candy & Chocolates to give to Tribes.

  • It is recommended to bring money in cash in small bills in order to purchase products from the local community if you choose.

  • Typically we donate a 55 bag of rice to 1 local Tribe. You will participate in this heartfelt and warming experience. The gift of Giving.  


All cancellations must be made in writing. If cancellation is made within 30 days 30% of cost will be charged. There will be no refunds issued for cancellations made within 15 days of trip. Only in the case of illness, injury or temporary disability will the customer be able to use the deposit toward another retreat.

Not Permitted

Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought into the ecolodge.

Changes to Itenarary

Amazon Garden Ecolodge does not take responsibility for the costs of any damage caused by nature. Amazon Garden Ecolodge reserves the right to make changes to any tours for the benefit and safety of patrons. If a patron wants to end their stay at Amazon Garden Ecolodge and not continue with the program, Amazon Garden Ecolodge will offer its services to transport patron to nearest medical facility or a hotel the patron chooses within the city of Iquitos. 

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