Day 1

  1. Arrival and pick up from Iquitos airport.

  2. Travel to dock and board boat. 

  3. Travel through Amazon River.

  4. Visit animal rescue center "Fundo Javier".

  5. Visit the famous native community "Los Boras".

  6. Arrival at the Ecolodge.

  7. Welcome Reception & Ritual: build connection.

  8. Regional gourmet lunch.

  9. “Surrender/Letting Go workshop- Fears, overthinking, blockages- what’s holding me back? 

  10. Free time to relax, pool, walk around premises 

  11. Regional gourmet dinner.

  12. Nighttime excursion and meditation. Boat ride and stargazing


Day 2

  1. Morning circle with  physical movement, daily intention, & meditation.

  2. Energetic breakfast.

  3. Workshop: Clearing your past- purging hour.

  4. Hike and tour through jungle to get to know environment and plants with healing properties.

  5. Regional Dieta Detox or gourmet lunch.

  6. Reflective journaling & free time (pool, hammocks, river swim). Afternoon of Intention

  7. Sunset meditation.

  8. Regional Dieta Detox or gourmet dinner.

  9. Campfire night Releasing Fire Ceremony & Drumming Circle.  

  10. Ayahuasca option: 1st Journey with Shamans & Facilitators. 


Day 3

  1. Meditation and Sunrise Bird excursion.

  2. Energetic breakfast.

  3. Visit to the insectarium to learn about different insect and bug species.

  4. Regional gourmet lunch.

  5. Opening the heart workshop.

  6. Mud bath to help exfoliate and rejuvenate skin/hair.

  7. Purification and blooming bath to restore body & energetic fields.

  8. Canoe and raft rides in the Momon River.

  9. Regional gourmet dinner.

  10. Authentic Self Workshop


Day 4


  1. Morning Stretch, Circle & Meditation.

  2. Energetic breakfast.

  3. Lecture walk excursion on the Amazon, river and medicinal plants.

  4. Indigenous Plant Medicine workshop- Natural Resources (fruits, infusions, teas, natural skin ointment be your own healer -natural aphrodisiac fruits, roots, plants 

  5. Regional gourmet lunch.

  6. Canvas painting using natural colors from Amazonian plants with Tribe

  7. Visit to the community of Porvenir to meet the residents.

  8. Dieta Detox or Regional Gourmet dinner.

  9. Evening: Eclectic Dance & Tantra

  10. Ayahuasca Option: 2nd Journey with Shamans and Facilitators. 

Day 5

  1. Progressive Meditation & Intent Circle

  2. Energetic breakfast.

  3. Recreational Piranha fishing in the Amazon River. Experience of Patience & tolerance. Slow it down. Open up to life, allow, & be! 

  4. Dream Planting Ceremony, connecting to Your hopes and dreams.

  5. Regional Dieta gourmet lunch.

  6. Closing Ceremony of Ayahuasca ExistenSual EcoRetreat Ceremony. Cheers to new beginnings.

  7. Return to the city and transport to the airport.

  8. End of services.



  • Lecture by Shaman about Angels. (Service cost: $75 for 45 minutes). Will help you understand what angels and messengers are in your life.

  • Energetic Massage Therapy $100 for 50 minutes

  • Ayahuasca $200 per session


  • Reservations at bookings page: $1522 All Inclusive

  • All Excursions.

  • Shamans 

  • Workshops, and Integrations.

  • Transportation to and from airport as well as ecolodge.

  • Shared  (double) cabin with fan, private bathroom and towel service. Solo cabin available. 

  • Pools and hammocks.

  • Food: Dieta Gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner at the ecolodge dining area.

  • Water, coffee and tea.

  • Transportation during excursions.

  • Boots for excursions


Not Included

  • Health insurance/ travel insurance.

  • Beverages such as sodas and alcohol.

  • Flight tickets/ ticket exchanges/ airline charges and taxes.

  • Tips for staff at airport and ecolodge. (chefs, waiters, cleaning crew, guides, etc.

Donations & Cash

  • It is recommended to bring clothes, shoes, toys, bookbags and medicines to give away as donations to the communities.

  • Candy & Chocolates to give to Tribes.

  • It is recommended to bring money in cash in small bills in order to purchase products from the local community if you choose.


All cancellations must be made in writing. If cancellation is made within 30 days 30% of cost will be charged. There will be no refunds issued for cancellations made within 15 days of trip. Only in the case of illness, injury or temporary disability will the customer be able to use the deposit toward another retreat.

Not Permitted

Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought into the ecolodge.

Changes to Itenarary

Amazon Garden Ecolodge does not take responsibility for the costs of any damage caused by nature. Amazon Garden Ecolodge reserves the right to make changes to any tours for the benefit and safety of patrons. If a patron wants to end their stay at Amazon Garden Ecolodge and not continue with the program, Amazon Garden Ecolodge will offer its services to transport patron to nearest medical facility or a hotel the patron chooses within the city of Iquitos.