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About the Retreat....

Hello to All:

Thank you for your interest and questions submitted regarding the Retreat.

This retreat I carefully designed workshops and excursions to support and assist the Healing Powers of Ayahuasca and the launch the healing potentials of attendees.

As we know individuals suffering from traumas, negative beliefs around body image, emotional pains from grief and loss, and physical pains all tend to disconnect from sex and intimacy. This doesn’t mean “not wanting sex and intimacy”. On the contrary, most deeply desire yet the mental and emotional blockages do not allow to fully experience and embrace sex and intimacy.

The Ecolodge is located in the Amazon, a quiet, secluded area, free of internet, and the noise of the city. Lodging’s location enhances and induces a connection to the senses. When we discuss Tantra practices to our clients, we typically suggest an exploration of the senses and deeply breathe into the body, embodying sexual energy and deep connection.

All aspects of the retreat have been carefully designed for participants to fully surrender to the journey and enjoy the experience. Trust is a big part of the experience. Trust in the self for the choice made to join the retreat; trust in the staff, Shaman, Mother Plant, etc play a big part in relaxing the reptilian brain and allowing the sexual/sensuous/physical/cognitive parts to be revealed. This is where we work on healing and integrating.

Nature and adventure are experiential forms of therapy. These types of therapy aid the healing processes, promotes healthy identity, and a growth mindset. Some of the excursions include hiking through the jungle, swimming in the Amazon, fishing for piranhas, and other like activities.

Every workshop and excursion are designed to build up and prepare for the encounter with the Mother Plant. Psychedelic Embodiment is a series of meditations, breathwork, and exercises that I use to get participants more comfortable with being alive and safe in their bodies.

We healers are conduits. We open our hearts and minds allowing the healing to happen. In order to be a healer, we must come from a healed place, this is why we must be healed first.

I’ve known for some time that no matter how much I had worked on my sexual traumas, childhood traumas, physical pains, and emotional pains from broken relationships and physical separation from my family as a child, there was something deeper I was not accessing and could not shed.

I felt there was a blockage when working with clients and sex. I did not feel uncomfortable with it, but there was an internal part of myself that was holding me back. I was holding on to information and beliefs coming from past generations and culture. These beliefs didn’t belong to me, that I knew at a conscious level, yet I couldn’t move past the “feeling”, the knowing.

On one of my Ayahuasca journeys I was able to access those hidden, inaccessible parts, reprocess, and release. I was clearly able to see, in visions, how my family viewed sex as dirty and particularly women were not entitled to enjoy sex nor present in a sexy, sensuous way. I have seen a total shift on how I engage in the sex talk with my clients during sessions. Blockages were released.

In the journal of frontiers in Pharmacology, there is information on research studies and the use of Ayahuasca and sex. It has been found that Ayahuasca enhances synaptic plasticity, increases neurogenesis, and boost dopaminergic neurotransmission. Those processes are involved in memory reconsolidation and fear extinction. Furthermore, research is showing Ayahuasca protect brain cells and stimulate neural cell growth. It boosts mood, improves mindfulness, depression, and anxiety.

Once in the jungle and in circle, we start preparing for the experience. In preparation for the encounter provocative questions are asked: Why are you here? What do you want to change about yourself? What are the sexual and body shames you are carrying? What is the inner dialogue you hold around sex and relationships? What do the words Sex, Sensuality, and Intimacy mean to you?

We meditate on the intentions and what will the future life be once these issues are reprocessed and resolved.

Why this retreat? I am trained in various modalities dealing with trauma and body work. In private practice I use techniques to calm and slow down the frontal lobe to access parts of the brain that hold the truth, our innermost self. This is my magic and what I do best. I access the brain and release any physical disturbance and difficult emotions attached to memories and cognitions. Past, present, or Future.

In my years in the field of Mental Health, I have created several Inpatient and outpatient programs. I have worked and assisted in the creation and enhancing an IP/OP program at a Local (Miami) Native American Tribe. I worked as Clinical Director for 2 Substance/Dual dx treatment centers. One of the centers I help with the start-up, creating all aspects of the program. Not only did I create psychology groups, also I formatted the social recreational parts of all these programs. I worked as Program Director at Victims Services, Carrfour Supportive Housing for Homeless coalition. I have vast experience creating and formatting programs. For sure lots of work and very thorough. Amazing experiences and professional growth that have prepared me to create this Magical, ever lasting retreat experience.

Over the years I have developed my own style using techniques of Somatic Experience, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Reiki, and Energy work. I deeply hear my clients. I gifted with the ability to map the brain and visit each internal neighborhoods as the brain allows me to. This is my unique gift of healing others. Sensual energy is extremely powerful, accessing and channeling this energy is life changing.

Now I am integrating my own unique style of therapy with the Ancestral Healing Powers of Ayahuasca….Magical transformation. In the retreat we use music, fire, dance, water and flower ceremony, cleansing ceremony, Spiritual evocations, aiming at releasing what no longer serves and igniting erotic awakenings, plus psychology.

The retreat can benefit those looking at releasing sexual shame, traumas, disconnection from the body, reclaiming body boundaries, awakening sensual energy and arousal, embodying sexual divinity. Furthermore, the retreat promotes healing the body of physical pains and fatigue, reprocessing negative cognitive beliefs, and healing from addictions, sex and substances.

Hopeful, this answers some of the questions. Please feel free to reach for further discussion.

Fees and Support/Integration:

As far as integration, that’s with myself, or you can work with your own trained integration therapist. Integration therapy is highly recommended for an optimal experience. Many things come up before, during, and after the retreat.

As far as the $200 per session, that’s for the Ayahuasca experience with the Shaman. You can’t just pay the $200 and be done with it as there are additional costs involved. Lodging, meals, transportation, excursions, etc. We have created a very accessible, low cost, retreat. Allowing as many as possible to come and experience this transformative encounter. Note that starting next retreat the cost will increase due to economic changes currently happening worldwide. Beyond our control. We continue to do our best at keeping costs as low and reasonable as possible.

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