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How to escape negative collective energy and become centered

With so much going on between the pandemic and politics, how do we become centered again? How do I get back some sense of self and regain my sanity? Teacher Monk Thich Nhat Hanh, who taught the world Mindfulness, explains without the left the right can’t exist. It is up to the Self to find our individual inner sanctuary. I surround myself with plants, which I visit daily. I saw one of the orchids beautifully bloom yesterday on my walk to the office. We brought a lavender plant to Miami from Cape Cod, and we are investigating if it will survive the South Florida weather. First thing in the morning I read inspiring literature. I‘m in constant quest of “how can I improve my well-being”. At times returning to practices I started over 20 years ago.

Staying balanced in times of turmoil can be difficult and challenging. Fears creep in, anxiety escalates, depression finds a brewing arena. Ultimately, it’s up to you/I/us to go inward and find peace. Anything can provide a sense of belonging, of being part of. It’s a human, innate need that we must not forget. There is a lizard outside my door that seems to be there every morning as I go outside and look at the sky. It’s a reminder we all belong. We all deserve to coexist. There is no you or me, there is us. Practice inner peace, practice mindfulness. Try not to get caught up in the negative collective energy. You don’t have to be angry nor shout to be heard. We need and follow those that practice peace. Be well be in love, practice belonging.

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