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Enjoy a retreat in Amazon Peru Rainforest. Often referred to as the "Lungs of the World". Peruvian Rainforest a dense and rich Tropical region with insane amount of Flora and Fauna diversity. 

Ecolodge is less than 20 minutes boat ride from Loreto, Iquitos. This is a tranquil, serene, plentiful nature lush space to connect to our Inner Empathic Healer. In the Lowland & Midland Jungle area with average temperatures of 80F with nights infused with extensive rainfall inducing a relaxed, & peaceful restful slumber.

Food served is Organic Local to Amazon either fished, raised, or harvested this exotic abundant region. Ecolodge supports nearby Tribes by buying only local produce. 

In this Soul Vacation, You will be able to experience the healing benefits of Meditations, Native Plant Medicine, Experiential Workshops, Nature Immersion, & Tribal Excursions.

You will walk in the Majesty of the Jungle, surrounded by

lush life filled Plant life. Hold a Sloth, or carry or pet Monkey, hold an Anaconda, feed a Tucan, watch the birds rise in the Early mornings, and test your patience at Piranha fishing. 

You will dance and play at 3 different Tribes. You will experience Tribal traditions and ceremonies. Let your Spirit guide you and Dance to Shamanic Tribal Drumming. 

Enjoy an all-inclusive package that includes holistic retreat detox/cleansing Dieta and delicious Peruvian gourmet cuisine.

Join us and embark on an ExistenSual Journey.

The Entrance to a new Undiscovered Realm. 

Exist in a Vast Spectrum. 

A Reencounter and rediscovery of your Authentic-Self. Connection to the Power of your Divine all-knowing internal healer.

Be lead by your Inner Guide. Follow your Path. 

Embrace your calling to experience a deeper Inner Wisdom Shamanic Journey. 

Open & be available to Abundance and Love!

You will re-discover your True and Authentic-Self and Your Interconnection to All. Embrace & Surrender to the Healing Elements of this Sanctuary Cocoon. Allow Mother Earth, the Jungle to Nurture you to Health, to feel once more alive and part of Mother Gaia. 

Outcome: a Filled Heart, Rejuvenated Body, and Connected Spirit. 

This experience is ongoing, on-growing. I have trained with Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Bessel Van de Kolk, and Dr. Peter Levine. I am trained as an Integrator Therapist. I will be there for you before embarking on your path for Intent, safe keeping, and Integration. 


Reservations Booking: $1200 All Inclusive

add on: Ayahuasca 2 ceremonies $500

Amazonia Soul Essence Retreat Sept 15-18,2023
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