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Fighting to get through depression

Battling with active symptoms of depression is tough. Not only does it affect us but also everything around us. Family and loved ones can’t seem to help, regardless of how much they try. They may start to loose patience around the unmanageable symptoms. Employers can’t seem to cope with the lack of motivation and energy. Medication may not be working and the person suffering goes further into despair.

Building and integrating new tools is difficult when depression symptoms are active but it's possible. First, let go of outcomes and expectations and start with today. Concentrate only on making the most out of these next 24 hours. Acts of self love will grow if they are being practiced daily.

Try to sit out under the Sun rays for 15-20 minutes in quietness, just taking in the warmth. Take sips of tea, water or any refreshing drink and feel it going down your throat and calming your inner being. Read and write hopeful messages as if you were sending them to a friend that’s going through difficult times. Take bubble baths or showers with fragrance of your liking.

It is important to connect to your senses, especially smell and touch. You can wrap yourself kindly and gently with a soft, cozy blanket; like you would do to a newborn baby. Grab your favorite lotion and moisturize your hands, feet and your body if possible. Caressing yourself gently with soft, caring strokes of self love.

Make time to prepare small meals for yourself. Salad and fruits, or sandwich and a soup. Anything that is not too elaborate. Go for a 15-20 minute walk while listening to some uplifting music. Moving your body will jump start your endorphins and give your mind a boost of positive energy.

Take some time to watch a funny show. Also, call a friend and ask how they are doing and don’t speak of your issues. Send a loving message to a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while. Get out of bed and make it, even if it’s just to be out for 30 minutes. All these tasks might seem to difficult when depression is active, but remember the goal is to take small steps.

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