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Kurumama: Quechua word "Imago"

Kurumama is a Quechua word, define in translation to English, as the last phase of an inset prior to metamorphosis. Finding the proper name to represent the retreats I am facilitating in Amazonia, Peru was not an easy task. We sat around for days contemplating and sorting out what name would represent this transformational journey and personal encounter with Mother Earth. We pondered on names such as Blue Morpho, Metamorphosis, and Mariposa. We were in search of a more meaningful Native name representing the area and the Continent where we would be holding Ceremonies and Workshops of healing and transformation.

Quechua is a South American Native Language spoken by 8 million people in South America. Nations that speak the language are Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Columbia. This language is also Ancient to the Inca Empire.

Kurumama in India means "something in" and also used as a noun defining member of the trade of fortune telling.

Combining the two definitions means to us: "Going within to complete the last phase of your transformation, emerging as a beautiful butterfly, ultimately giving meaning & deciding what life you want to live".

Kurumama is the vision of the retreat. An encounter with yourself. Shedding and releasing those events and emotions that are holding you back from living your best life. A deep soul/mind/body experience that is transformative.

Participants dive into Nature Therapy, leaving all the noise from the fast paced world by shifting and slowing everything. In this pause you will connect to the beating heart and the deep breathing of the lungs of Amazonia, The Greatest and densest Rainforest and Jungle of our Earth. .This experience creates a deep & everlasting connection to the Amazon Jungle.

Wrapped deeply in your inner-being.

The Amazon is defined as being the heart and lungs of our Planet. The Greatest, deepest, widest Rainforest in the world recycles and gives us breathing, life back in to us. Sustaining us Humans, as we continue our existence in this Planet. Magical and Mystical or what? Talking about Amazonia and it's properties is for a follow up blog...for now we will focus on Kurumama.

What happens to us when we are holding traumas or memories too difficult to shed or reprocess? We become stuck, paralyzed, we are reactive. We can't fully engage in life nor become the person we dream of being. We can't fully interconnect in healthy relationships, and we hold a protective barrier shielding our hearts from merging or connecting to others.

We typically attract wrong people and situations. We tend to disconnect from our intuition and higher self that provides the within power and gift of decision making & deep knowing. We become indecisive and fear of unpredictable situations. We develop controlling patterns and try to morph our world and others into our expectations and desires. This is reptilian brain and frontal lobe functions in an effort to protect ourselves and stay alive.

What happens when we are constantly in flight or fight response? We get physically and mentally sick, and we destroy relationships and opportunities. Obviously these negative behaviors are not intentional, they are wired into the individual due to negative experiences and wording others imprinted in to our brains growing up. These negative wires creates negative cognitive erroneous toxic, malfunctioning brain that says "I am not enough, I am not important, I am defective" and so on. We have a long list of negative cognitive beliefs attached to emotions, triggering events, and bodily sensations.

Why do we want to shed, change, rewire our old patterns of thought....simply cause we want a happy, connected life, and to live our legacy and dream. We want to reclaim our human right of living a fulfilled, abundant, and joyous existence. We want to have authentic lives, inter-connected to others, giving us a sense of safety and belonging.

In order to get to being a butterfly we must first go through all the stages. As painful as this transformation might be, at the end we become our truest most authentic self, radiating loving vibrant energy to all those we encounter. We become a love wave that spreading like a blanket radiating farther that the human eye can perceive. By the way, the encounter can be face to face, modem to modem, by writing, by visualization, etc. We have the 8th chakra, aura field/soul connection and doorway between soul and earthbound personality, and 9th Chakra the Universe and our Oneness.

This means, when we transform we close generational traumas, we give healing to the past generations and future generations. Not only by being a parent, but also by being part of a tribe, your close circle of family and friends. We radiate positivity and hope to all those we come in contact with. Isn't this magical!

Ask within, why do I want to transform? Why do I want the Kurumama experience? Why do I want to become a Butterfly and live my best life? and most importantly:

WHAT do I want/can do to get there?

Invest time and space for yourself, others, and our Planet.

This is the intent!

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