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Start changing your thoughts

Through the practice of mindfulness you can achieve changes in your thoughts and in your actions.

Getting started

Changing your thoughts is definitely like going to the gym. It takes dedication, persistence, and determination. After all, erroneous and faulty thinking didn’t happen over night. The mind is similar to an unleashed jumping monkey: if left to its own doing, it will drive us insane. There are endless thoughts and inner dialogue bombarding us from the moment we open our eyes until the end of our day when we close them to sleep. Even through our sleeping moments it’s on going. It can be taxing on our health and mental well being.

The easiest way to begin taking a break from the overwhelming, nonstop inner dialogue is by practicing mindfulness. Start by taking a walk and looking at nature surrounding you. Listen to the water trickling down a water fountain. Pay attention to your breathing and try counting your breaths. Even while washing your hands, stay present on the task. By focusing on your surroundings and what you are doing your mind won't wander to those pesky thoughts or inner dialogue. Baby steps and daily practice is the science behind it.

Keep on practicing and don't give up, even if you suffer a set back along the way. Our mental health and wellness is worth the time and effort. Remember to take the time to breath, that alone makes a world of difference. See your life progress with simple practices of self-care and self-love. Happy life to all, we deserve it!

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