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Oneness Therapeutic Center, LLC,

your destination for mental health and psychological wellness. Our experienced counselors, therapists, and shamans are dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to individuals, couples, and families seeking healing and growth.

Through psychotherapy You can learn to live a life of fulfilling your dreams. Trauma, Addictions, Paralyzing Irrational Beliefs, Sex Issues holds you back no-more. Take the reigns of yourself. Learn to be happy and joyous. Be in community allowing others to be part of your journey. Psychotherapy utilizing EMDR, CBT, DBT, and IFS will change your life. Committing to your recovery journey and tapping in to action is your Part. The rest we do. We guide you, Coach you, target setbacks, and inner faulty wiring to make a long lasting effective changes.

Counseling for Couples can help address issues with betrayal, affairs, intimacy and sex within the relationship. Experience the freedom of connecting on an intimate level with your partner.  Gottman Model will change the way you communicate as a couple. Becoming a TeamPartner, letting go of the Adversary model that is not working in your relationship. We are a Team! Identifying areas needing attention. Three prong model of Healing areas of Commitment, Companionship, & Intimacy.  Tantra, Positive Sex, & Kink/BDSM to spark Intimacy!

EMDR and trauma healing therapy can help end the troubles, guilt, and shame of the past. Inner child work will teach you how to re-parent your wounded inner child and how to effectively communicate and express your needs as an adult. Receive compassionate, empathetic and healing therapy for struggles with life stages adjustments and grief. Death of a loved one, divorce or any form of loss can cause grieving that may require therapy to work through. Family dynamics recovery can help regain confidence and trust in loved ones and establish good communication with adolescents.


Psychedelic Integrative Therapist Certified. Support and guidance Before your session and After the experience. Wellness Retreat Coordinator & Coach. You will receive all the support necessary to optimize your experience and healing. You need someone trained and available for your healing journey. We are it! 

Confidential and HIPAA compliant platforms are offered for online Telehealth.


Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist 


Certified Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Gottman Level 3 Therapist

DBT Certified

Certified Kink/BDSM Therapist



Proudly announcing our new program
"Operation Healing Minds, Corp."
A non-for-profit Mental Health Wellness program for Military, Veterans, & Responders.

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