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Ayahuasca: Quechua meaning "Vine of the Soul"

Ayahuasca Amazonian mythology, the Mother of all plant medicines. Like a Grandmother at times she heals with her love, other times with tough love as needed.

Ayahuasca is psychedelic, an ancient Amazonian concoction. Shamans in the Amazon have been cooking and drinking for centuries for medicinal healing, and for spiritual rituals. Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug and must be used only with the guidance of a Shaman to hold safety space. This substance is not to be used alone or brewed on your own. It is illegal in the United States and only allowed as Religious Practice and Ceremonies.

MAPS continues to research the healing properties of Ayahuasca for treating and healing PTSD, Addictions, Autism, Chronic pains, and other medical/physical ailments.

In the past few months I've given much pondering and reflection on the topic of going public with my Ayahuasca experience or not. I've encountered my own fears of being socially stigmatized, being seen as a witch, or being frown upon and ridiculed amongst peers in my professional field/work, psychology. I have been inspired and found the courage within by those that have gone before me and opened up the doors to this Mystical/Mysterious Plant, Ayahuasca.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Deepak Chopra MD, and Gabor Mate MD, have all spoken and documented about the healing properties of this Medicinal Ancient Plant. Why the hype now? I think we are tired of being sick, sick and tired of having limited solutions and now more than ever our Planet is revealing to us. We are having a conscious awakening that we need to befriend our planet and take care of it. Or it will destroy us, by our own doing. The more we tap into the healing properties of Planet Earth in reverence and honor the more it will work with us in a healing, loving way.

We are sick, in di-ease, caused primarily by high intensity stress and food. The restlessness of more, of success, of greed, and of power. We humans stop and change only with pain and by pain. Sad to say we stop on our tracks, or life stops us to reflect and change only when enduring the most difficult circumstances. Either our own health, divorce, loss & grief or by some heart drenching situation. Then and only then we are ready to let go of control, and look within our inner wisdom for healing. Tapping outside first for answers and guidan